Upgrading is the act of customizing equipment to increase its desired stats and effects. 

Investing in upgrading your equipment is largely luck-based and completely optional. 


All equipment contains a number of slots regardless of how it is obtained. Equipment purchased from vendors always has 3 slots. Equipment looted from enemies can have anywhere from 1 to 9 slots.

These slots are displayed in the menu as a two-dimensional grid where the width and height can be anywhere from 1 to 3.


Gems are affixed to your gear by visiting a blacksmith in-town.


Gems come in various sizes with a variety of attributes. In general, larger gems come with much more heavy stat bonuses, but they are more likely to fail and destroy those slots. Gems can be rotated and arranged into the slot grid on the equipment as needed.


There are several methods of obtaining gems:

  • Gem Shards -- Occasionally you may discover gems on certain maps inside of dungeons. By breaking these gems you will be rewarded with gem shards. Some NPCs will convert those shards to Gems.
  • Shard Boxes -- Some enemies drop boxes of shards.
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