The Spiritual Tree foregoes EP in exchange for Spirits -- small souls gathered every time an enemy is defeated (by you or another player). The Spirit Tree is the most difficult tree to master, and shines best in party play.

Tier 1Edit

Find SpiritsEdit

Find spirits upon defeating enemies, one per rank, up to 9.


Convert Wisdom to Power. This allows you to stack Wisdom and M. Attack and still do sustainable physical damage with basic attacks.

Tier 2Edit


Summons a zone that heals over time when standing inside.

Spirit StrikeEdit

Deals large damage in front of the player. Damage is boosted by 40% if the target is frozen.


Summons a gate that periodically damages enemies and also creates a portal to/from the nearest town.

Tier 3Edit


Teleports to and damages an enemy multiple times. Applies Freeze.


Links to the closest player. When that player is damaged, a portion of the damage is dealt to you instead. Also buffs M. Attack slightly.


Summoning a Gate boosts your max HP.


Summoning a gate boosts all nearby allies' Critical rate.

Tier 4Edit

Phoenix FistEdit

Deals huge damage, heals nearby allies. 

Channel SpiritsEdit

Enter a trance, preventing all damage as you slowly heal nearby allies and regenerate all spirits.

Spirit KnowledgeEdit

Increases max spirits; increases rate spirits are earned.

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