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The Skills screen.

Skills are learned by allocating in Skill Points from the main menu. Skill Points are earned at a rate at one per level.

Skills max at Rank 9. Some equipment may add ranks to a particular skill and even go beyond this limit. Unfortunately, equipment cannot add ranks to a skill you do not have.

Skill Trees Edit

There are currently five skill trees to choose from.

Power-based Edit

  • Physical
    • Straightforward, easy-to-play, medium-mobility tanky or damage-oriented fighters. Features the strongest (and most expensive) damage-dealing spell in the entire game.
  • Agile
    • Speed and combo-oriented attacks make this class tricky but rewarding. If you like daggers, crits, and rogue-style gameplay, this is a good tree to focus on.
  • Ranged
    • Master of artillery and ranged weapons. From grenades to rockets, this tree overwhelms enemies from afar.

Wisdom-based Edit

  • Magical
    • Spellcaster that primarily relies on EP to cast powerful spells and buffs. Requires some management of EP to not turn into a potato, but there's a lot of ways to build this mage.
  • Spiritual
    • Focused on party play, the Spiritual tree uses the souls of dead enemies to deal devastating combos and support allies in need.

Skill Ranks Edit

By allocating Skill Points into a particular branch, you unlock newer tiers of skills for that tree. Each tier unlocks skills more powerful (and often more expensive) than the previous tier. By focusing on a single tree, you are able to unlock the final tier earlier. By adding skills from multiple trees, you broaden your skill pool.

Other than some eccentric builds, It is generally recommended to minimize mixing Power-based and Wisdom-based skill trees together, as the potential for maxing out your damage is diminished.

Skill Tree Updates Edit

Previously, there were two skill trees to choose from: Physical and Magical; however, 0.30a introduced a third tree: Agile.

1.1.0 Introduced the Spiritual tree.

1.2.0 Introduced the Ranged tree.

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