Heroes of Umbra Wiki


The Physical skill tree specializes in dealing large amounts of Physical damage to enemies. Sustaining in solo play is simple and depends on Leech/Regenerate. Physical is the only tree to not have any party buffs.

Tier 1[]


Swing with massive strength to deal damage to nearby enemies. Deals up to 400% damage at rank 9.


Leap forward with a burst of speed, damaging enemies in your path. Leap damage and distance is improved every rank.

Weapon Knowledge[]

Passively boosts damage of all physical attacks and abilities slightly.


Automatically regenerate a bit of health over time. The greater the level, the more HP you recover. While out-of-combat, the HP regen rate is doubled.

Tier 2[]

Weapon Toss[]

Throw your weapon like a boomerang, damaging all enemies in your path. Applies slow.


Passively reflect back a portion of all touch damage dealt to you. Each rank grants a 1.5% reduction to all damage, and of that damage received, 33.3..% of it, per rank, is reflected back. At rank 9, the player will receive a 13.5% reduction in damage and return back 300% of the damage dealt. Additionally provides a bonus to max HP.


A self-buff that heals a portion of your health per swing back to the attacker. At rank 9, 2.5% of the attacker's max HP is returned for each attack. 

Tier 3[]


A self-buff that boosts crit rate and weapon power.


Damages all enemies on the ground. Must be cast from midair.


Briefly turn into a small cyclone, increasing speed, defense, and rapidly damaging anything in your path. Additional ranks increase the damage and duration.

Tier 4[]


Dash forward, dealing massive damage to enemies in your path.


Passively increases your attack power when your EP is less than 6.