Getting The Game Edit

The game will be available June 1st on the Heroes of Umbra Steam Page.for Windows. Additional operating systems and distribution platforms to come.

Basic Controls Edit

  • Arrow Keys: Move player/cursor
  • Enter: Confirm
  • Escape: Menu
  • X: Attack
  • Z: Jump/Cancel
  • Shift, L.Ctrl, L.Alt, Space, 1, 2: Skill slots
  • Q: World Map
  • W/A/S/D: Move World Map/Minimap

Note: You'll probably want to remap these in the "Options" screen.

Customization Edit

From the Options screen you can re-map the keyboard and joystick controls. Other options for enabling fullscreen, adjusting volume, language, and so on are available.

Creating a Character Edit

From the "Play" menu you are taken to a character select screen. You can choose an existing character or create a new one if you haven't. When creating a character, select a desired name, gender, style, and so on. Beating the game once unlocks more character slots and customization options.

Starting Vs Joining Games Edit

When you "Start" a game, you start a local server. Players may "Join" your server either through Steam or with an IP Address. Refer to the Multiplayer page for details on playing with friends. Playing online with friends is optional, but encouraged.

Game Flow Edit

After the starting cutscene, you take control of your character. The general flow of the game involves killing enemies, leveling up, and getting strong enough to advance through the game's major dungeons. As you level, you earn Stat Points and Skill Points. Allocating those effectively is key to strengthening your character. If you make a mistake, Reset Potions are available to re-allocate Skills+Stats.

Saving Progress Edit

Character progress (stats, skills, items, etc) is automatically saved as you play. Progress throughout the game is determined by the host of the game you're playing in.

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